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Our Craft

Genius of the Lamp have been specialising in vintage car lamp restoration for over 20 years. Quality, Honesty and Reliability are three areas we pride ourselves in. Below you will find few of the projects we have renovated or fabricated with great passion!

LUCAS King of the Road

During the vintage years, Lucas 'King of the Road' products became the market leaders, being fitted to most of the vehicles made in Britain at the time. 

Situated in the heart of Birmingham's renowned Jewellery Quarter, and literally within one hundred yards of the Lucas building, Genius of the Lamp returns Lucas lamps back to their former glory! 

CAV of London

One of the first electrified headights. Originally were finished in Brass and Silver and later also in Nickel. Goes on Bentleys and Rolls Royces.

Every component is separated prior to restoration, dents removed, polished and reflectors re-silvered.  New beveled glass, re engineered plugs and bulb-holders.

BRC of Paris

Self generating lamps with calcium carbide and water, producing acetylene gas to light up a flame. Magnified with a Plano convex lens and a mirrored reflector. 


Each component disassembled and restored before re-assembled completely to its former glory. At least 100 hours of restoration using silversmith’s techniques and hand tools. Finally, polished professionally by Tony, the one and only.

Austin presentation award

Austin presentation award for The Bob Wyatt Trophy.

Fabricated from start to finish by the skilled Genius of the Lamp team.

Bleriot 1904

A pair of self generating headlamps originally made by the famous French aviator Louis Bleriot.

Bleriot developed the first practical headlamp for cars to finance his attempts to build a successful aircraft. 

Bleriot Generator

If you mix water and calcium carbide it will produce acetylene gas. This is what this generator does. It sits on the running board with a rubber tube leading to the headlights and the lights would be lit up with a match.

The flame would be enhanced sitting behind a large magnifier. That would be the light source! 

Peugeot Radiator Shell

Beautifully restored! 

Silver King

A pair of early bicycle lamps restored and silver plated.

Rejna Kanardini

The client had one lamp. He searched for seven years to find the other to no avail.


We restored the existing lamp and made the other. A perfect match! 

Ducellier Lamps

Fully restored. 

Stephen Grebel Lamps

French headlamps fully restored with silver plated internals. 

Weather Vane

Made from scratch for Louwman Museum.

Carriage Lamps

Fully restored. 

Imperial Tobacco

Presentation, August 2011.

Wheel Spinners 

Professionally restored.

Lagonda Radiator Shell

Restored to perfection!

Pegasus Mascot

Bebe Peugeot

Bleriot Electric Headlamps


Essen Techno Classica

Techno Classica at Essen is considered the leading trade fair of the classic automotive industry. The place to be, for any car enthusiast!


Ready to bring your car back to its former glory? 

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