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A range of unrestored stocks are also available 

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Fabricated Glass Lenses

'Genius of the Lamp' produce various glass lenses for Vintage and Classic car headlamps, side lamps and rear lamps.

We offer a variety of lenses from Lucas P100 L, R, S and DB Bullseye. Lucas P80S, Torpedo Bullseye lenses, Stephen Grebel & Carl Zeiss and many more.

Lenses can be bought via Ebay or contact us by email or telephone. 

Lucas Short Horns

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Lucas FT57 Spot Lamp

'Flat-topped beam' lamp that produces a powerful wide and broad beam of light. Flat-topped non-dazzling beam and bowl-shaped body. 

Lucas FT37 Restorted to Concours Quality, Finished in Chrome

Original description by Lucas

FT37 "Passlight" and fog lamp. Projects a powerful, broad, flat topped beam. No upward light or back-glare.

Front diameter 7 inch.

 CAV Diver's Helmet Tail Lamps

Stop and tail lamps, usually fitted with two red lenses and one clear, and with a twin filament bulb. Can be finished in brass, nickel or chrome. 

1904 Bleriot Self Generating Headlamps (Fabricated)

The team at ‘Genius of the Lamp’ have worked tirelessly to produce a pair of rare Bleriot self generating headlamps, using an original master headlamp as the pattern.
Each and every detail of the lamp is reproduced exactly as the original to form a stunning pair of lamps that would sit proudly on any vehicle of its era.

Amongst others, the head restorers are Joe Vella and Kam Lawla

For any enquiries please contact us on 0121 212 0155 

Lucas 'King of the Road' Reflector Side Lamp Type R440

Original description by Lucas

Type R440 is a new pattern reflector side lamp for 1925. It is a size between our R150 and R330. By reason of it symmetry in outline,this is particularly pleasing and handsome when mounted on saloons, limousines or large cars. 

Enabling it to be set and secured in the best possible position for the forward projection of the light. Our new patented coil arrangement for locking reflector and front rim. The focusing notches providing alternative positions in the bulb. 

Aperture, 3 5/8 in   Weight, 1 lb

QK 596


Similar shape to the P100 at 10 1/2 inch. The rims are fitted with stone guards that  are connected to the body by a knurled screw at the bottom of the lamp. Tri- Bar installed with one large Lucas medallion.

Usually installed with one fixed and one dipping reflector. It has a similar tour lens to the P100S, fluted with horse shoe shaped centre.

Lucas PL40 in Chrome, Restored to Concours Quality And Fitted With New Fabricated Glass Lenses 

Original description by Lucas

Possesses many of the exclusive features of our high-power projectors, i.e., its high-power bulb is mounted on a tripod and faces the main reflector, it has the micrometer focusing device, a light-controlling front glass; also it can be set in the  best possible position for light projection by the adjustment of a single nut. In appearance it is very distinctive and has a dignity of its own.

Front 7 inch - Aperture 6 inch- weight. 4 lb     


P100 DB Finished in Nickel And Fitted With Fabrication Glass

Original description by Lucas

The Lucas type P100DB are the world's finest automobile lamps. They are designed on entirely new lines and incorporate many special and exclusive features. In appearance the projectors are particularly handsome and majestic, and their fine workmanship and finish are fully worthy of Lucas lamps intended for world leading cars. 

Their reflecting system is designed to give a splendid high-power light, carrying an extraordinary distance ahead, while flooding the width of the road with a more diffused light. 

A bulb- holding tripod forms part of the forward extension of the reflector, which enables the main bulb to face towards the reflector. The reflector is therefore devoid of any central aperture, thus giving maximum amount of reflecting efficiency. 

Front 13 inch   Aperture, 10 3/8 inch  Weight, 10 1/2 lb 

P80 Bulleyes

Smaller lamps than a P100 DB but with a Lucas badge motif.

Lucas P100L

Bottom hinge construction with a Lucas badge motif sitting on top of rim. Forward facing bulb holder and bulbs. Usually fitted with a fixed and dipping reflector. Glass lenses are chemically etched with clear centre. 

Lucas P100S

Top hinged, Tri-bar fitted with rearward facing bulb holder and spigot to allow the adjustment of focusing the bulb. Usually fitted with one fixed and one dipping reflector. The Lucas P100S headlamp can be fitted with two types of lenses;


1. Is the S01015 (fluted) with clear center, also known as a speed lens.


2. 1015 fluted with a horse shoe ring to central area also known as touring lenses.       

Lucas P100 R


Outer body connected with top hinge, bulb holders fixed to reflectors with forward facing bulbs. Tri-bar fitted to extension rim with shroud. Usually fitted with one fixed and one dipping reflector. Fitted with ribbed glass and clear centre. Model number S1015.    

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