The Genius of the Lamp approach to your lamp's restoration is based upon sound knowledge of its original construction.

Your headlamp is completely dismantled to reveal its constituent parts - from its external vehicle mounting stud, stone guard, outer rim, main body, lens, reflector, hinges, brackets (and even its manufacturer's badges) to the internal components that provide its fueling mechanism - whether electric, oil-based, or self-generated acetylene.

Traces of molten lead to solders and joints are all meticulously removed.

Each component is isolated and soaked in an acid bath, removing any debris, degenerated paint or metal plating that hinders or prevents further restoration work.

With the base metal now fully exposed, a careful examination of the components identifies any existing flaws in the bodywork of the lamp.

Highlighted pit holes, splits, dents, scratches, and ripples are all painstakingly repaired by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques.

On completion of repair, components are inspected and made ready for electroplating in copper, nickel and chromium, if needed.

All restored components of the lamp are accurately re-positioned and carefully re-assembled.

Your completed lamp is highly polished and buffed to a pristine finish, ready for exhibition.

The Restoration Process