Hand fabrication work is carried out, either to replicate the surviving lamp of a pair, or where a client requests the reproduction of an identical pair of lamps that should retain all the original features of a surviving lamp.

The starting point for most hand fabrication work involving the replication of lamps is the accurate measurement of each of its main body, outer rim and component part dimensions, for the drafting of your lamp's individual working drawings.

Working drawings are produced with annotations to define the specifications and features of your lamp's design.

Hinges, brackets, lens, reflector, badges, all internal components and any other fixtures and fittings are all removed.

Some components, such as your mounting stud and brackets may be cast to create patterns of the originals, if available - if not, they are re-manufactured by hand.

Three-dimensional wooden templates, called "chucks" are hand-machined on a lathe to reproduce an exact replica of the size and shape of each of your lamp's main body, outer rim and reflector.

A spinning machine is used to spin sheet metal directly over each chuck to produce the final forms of the body, rim and reflector.

The main body and outer rim are inspected and made ready for electroplating in the desired finish.

The reflector is carefully scribed for the positioning and piercing of apertures to accommodate its internal components, such as electrical connectors.

The external mounting stud, outer rim, body, lens, reflector, hinges, brackets, badges, internal components, fixtures and fittings are inspected, measured and scribed for precision piercing, soldering, positioning, mounting and re-assembly.

Components are carefully reassembled according to working drawing specifications.

Completed lamps are hand polished and buffed to a pristine finish, ready for mounting.

The hand fabrication process is determined by the product being produced, hence, a distinction is made between hand fabrication processes (of which there are many), as opposed to that of lamp replication.

Genius of the Lamp also hand fabricates other vintage vehicle parts, such as Rolls Royce and Bentley radiator shells and fenders, as well as various other non-auto-related products requiring a similar skill set of metalworking and handcrafting techniques but which involve a rather different set of bespoke manufacturing processes.

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